Embracing Parkinson's

Uplifting Conversations about Facing Parkinson’s with Resilience & Positivity

“Embracing Parkinson’s” is an audiobook that tells an inspirational story of friendship and resilience, centered around Frank Antonicelli and Joe Green, two individuals brought together by their shared journey with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Frank, diagnosed with PD in 2007, was introduced to Joe, a local movement disorder specialist, in 2008. From their first encounter, Frank and Joe discovered a common vision and belief in using the life lessons taught by football—dedication, commitment, perseverance, and overcoming adversity—to confront PD head-on.

As you listen to Frank and Joe, you may get the feeling that you are sitting in a football locker room hearing a pre-game motivational speech. Embracing Parkinson’s provides inspiration and hope for anyone touched by PD and their caregivers.

 Despite the challenges I face, I refuse to let Parkinson’s sideline my spirit

Embracing Parkinson's

About Frank and Joe

Frank, whose career began in marketing and project management, is a multi-talented individual. He is a published author, songwriter, and poet with a passion for sharing his work through Be Still Publishing, a publishing company he founded. He has authored “Know Your Enemy: A Guidebook for Your Cancer Journey” and also composes for a musical project titled Animal Speak. Despite facing Parkinson’s Disease since 2007, he remains resilient and dedicated. Now, through this audiobook, he would like to share his journey with others.

Joe is a published author, speaker and mentor. He started his personal training business in 1996 providing specialty exercise programs for women, mature to senior adults and sports specific training for youthful and recreational athletes. Later in January of 2000 he launched his personal training business into the medical community. Since that time Joe has become recognized as the expert people trust and the one doctors refer to for his work with post rehab and movement disorder populations such as Parkinson’s.


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